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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test my blood during the COVID-19 lockdown?

Pathology services such as blood and urine tests are classified as essential healthcare services, and therefore you are still able to order your blood and urine tests on our website and visit any of our partner laboratories located at hospitals throughout Gauteng, up to the end of the Corona virus (COVID-19) lockdown period.

Our partner pathology labs follow the strictest guidelines in terms of hygiene and sanitation. Remember to wear a face-mask, and wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds under running water, and use an alcohol based hand sanitiser when entering and exiting the laboratory and hospital, to ensure you are protected from possible COVID19 infection.

How does this service work?

Test your blood or urine by using MyBloodTest.co.za by following these simple steps:

  • Search for and view the specific tests your are interested in. Start here to find all the available tests: View All Tests
  • Add any tests you want to do to your Cart.
  • View your cart and check-out
  • Register a profile, or log in if you have an existing profile
  • Complete your order by making a payment using your credit / debit card.
  • Download or print your Pathology Order form, and take it along to one of our laboratories.
  • Provide the order form to the staff at the laboratory and allow them to take a blood or urine sample. Remember to follow the instructions for “preparation required” for your specific tests (e.g. 6 or 8 hours fasting before the test).
  • Once your blood or urine sample is collected, it is sent for analysis.
  • As soon as the results are out for your tests, you will receive an email notification. Log in to our website and find the results in your profile under My Account.
Will I be able to understand my test results?

We provide you with a copy of the pathology lab’s official report, as well as a simplified interpretation of your result directly on our website.

The official report can be shared with your doctor, if required, and the interpretation of the result on our website is simple and straightforward for anyone to understand.

Can I make changes to my order after I have placed it?

Once you’ve received your payment confirmation email it’s not possible to add or remove tests from an order.

If you'd like to buy additional tests you can place a new order.

How do I cancel a blood test and get my money back?

Please contact us to request a cancellation. Due to actual costs we incur on orders placed, there will be a cancellation fee of 15% of your transaction value for any cancellations.

Where should I go to provide a blood or urine sample?

Please note that we are currently only using laboratories based in Gauteng. We will be expanding to more regions in the near future. If you would like to be notified when we expand to more areas, please register on the website here.

Click here to find a lab closest to you.

How much time do I have to provide my blood or urine samples after I have ordered it?

Once payment is received you will have 30 days to go and do the test at a lab near you. Click here to find a lab closest to you.

Can I order test for friends and family?

Yes, you can order as many test as you like for all your friends and family. There is no limit for how many friends and family members you would like to order test for. Please ensure you have their consent to place an order on their behalf. You will need their ID number, Date of Birth and Sex in order to place an order for them. Please note that their results will be available on your profile, if you placed the order through your profile.

Can I order for many people at one time?

We currently only allow you to order tests for 1 person at a time.

How do I pay for the tests?

You can pay with various credit cards through our payment gateway Paygate.

Why have I not received a confirmation email when I paid for my tests?

You will only receive a confirmation email when we have received payment. Check your Payment History to make sure your payment has been successfully processed.

Which areas in South Africa are your laboratories located? Where can I get tested?

At the moment we only offer our services through labs in Gauteng. We are working on growing our network, and aim to roll out nationally soon! If you want us to update you when we expand to other regions, please register an account on the website, or send us a message.

Can I claim for my tests from my medical aid?

For the time being, our tests are not claimable from a medical aid. We only offer self payment options for our customers.

Please keep in mind that most hospital plans and many medical aids either do not pay for pathology tests, pay only in part or pay from your medical aid savings. By using our service you know exactly what you are paying, and you get your results within hours.

Can I use my test results for wellness programs like Vitality?

You can submit your official lab reports (available for download from our website on your results page) to your wellness program administrators, and they should allocate the correct points to you for the results provided.

I have a question not listed here, can you help me?

Please complete our Help form below and we will be in touh to help you.